What is a Boutique Bridal Show ?

The Del Mar Wedding Event

 was created with the idea that You want more than a thousand wedding vendors packed into a warehouse throwing  their brochure at you as you pass by.

  There's nothing more Personal than a Wedding... Your Wedding ! and it should be a well-orchestrated compilation of great professionals bringing their art to your amazing day.


 Boutique means Personalized, Professional
    and Unique ideas to create the look you want on your most memorable wedding day.
With that in mind.. you can expect...

    * A More Refined and Glamourous group of

         Gown Designers and Floral Pro's

     * Talented and interesting Photographers and DJ's 

           who offer a wide variety of musical selections.

     * Unique Wedding Ideas and Products that are on the

           cutting-edge of the industry. People who offer a

          vibrant and eclectic array of the newest trends.

     * Food Ideas that are both delicious and a delight to the

             eye. Infusions of fun and folly in the most tasty

             appetisers and entres imaginable.

Participating Vendors/ Venues

Great Bridal Shows since 1996 !